Don’t miss the boat on federal EHR incentive programs

January 16th, 2014

Advanced software for dental hygiene schools will help university administrators ensure their organizations have the opportunity to reap the full benefits of electronic health records.

Private practices in the U.S. have adopted meaningful use of this technology at a rapid pace. A recent report from the online publication HealthcareITNews said the federal EHR incentive programs administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have awarded a total of nearly $20 billion to health care providers anywhere from specialty clinics to large-scale hospitals. According to the CMS website, organizations can earn up to $63,750 for implementing EHRs into their ongoing operations to serve Medicaid patients, as well as $44,000 for Medicare purposes.

Dental hygiene schools that operate clinics in addition to their academic offerings can also participate in these programs. RDH, an industry magazine, cited a survey from the American Dental Association that found 90 percent of dental operations have employed some level of technology in the workplace since 2006. Oral health care providers can substantially boost practice efficiency by further investing in these tools.

"This conversion to EHRs is about improving outcomes and reducing costs," Mark Jurkovich, a practicing dentist in Minnesota, told the publication. "Going forward, those who use the technology properly will thrive, and those who do not may merely survive."

Finding the means necessary to successfully utilize EHRs can be complicated without the right tools. Universities may be particularly averse to introducing new tools into the workplace, especially when their institutions span several departments. However, dental hygiene school software is an easy solution for integrating this new technology into the academic and patient-centered aspects of the institution. Administrators no longer have to worry about breaking their operations up into various pieces. An advanced enterprise management program can better organize the multiple responsibilities of the work day. 

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