DSO software prevalent in group practices

April 28th, 2014

One of the ways dental programs can increase enrollment is through using dental academic software. The dental industry, like most within the health care sector, has been revolutionized through the use of technology, as well as the dental support organization business model.

According to DentistryiQ, DSO software is useful for providing centralized support services for dental practices, including billing, administrative, purchasing, even facility and equipment maintenance.  This software is said to be useful in helping dental professionals remove the day-to-day responsibilities of running an efficient practice. The technology makes it possible to facilitate better treatment for patients.

DSO software is also advantageous for group practices.

A separate DentistryiQ article described this kind of operation as a collaborative effort between five or more dentists who partner together to run a dental practice. This is largely done to combat the high amount of debt that practitioners are left with after completion of dental school. The website reported that new dentists can have as much as $300,000 in debt upon graduation, making it difficult to open their own practices.

DentistryiQ estimated that it would take a loan of at least $750,000 for a new dental professional to start his or her own practice. When you add up dental school costs, graduates can be as much as $1 million in the red before they even see their first patients. This is why group practices have emerged as a new trend, and DSO software has helped these businesses become much more efficient in terms of patient care and completing the necessary administrative functions.

All told, dental academic software can improve academic management efficiency at the educational level. This will allow students to graduate on time and thereby avoid any extra debt from paying for extra semesters, while also making them better prepared for clinical practice as well.

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