East Carolina University to open new dental care facility

May 21st, 2014

Dental academic software is useful when it comes to managing the educational side of a dentistry program as it relates to monitoring a students coursework and how they're progressing through the curriculum. However, it also useful in clinic management as well. Software can be used to keep track of patient charting, scheduling and the type of care received. This can help a dental program's clinical operations run smoothly and efficiently.

According to Port City Daily, a news publication based in North Carolina, East Carolina University has committed $3 million to build a new dental care facility that will be run by the faculty of the university's dental program. Additionally, students will be placed into a rotation to help service patients who need oral care.

"Being able to provide care to people I grew up with – their families, their grandparents, their children. They supported me, and now I can give something back," Jeffrey Zackeru, a student in the East Carolina University dental program, told the newspaper.

Dental academic software is useful in helping all facilities maintain the highest level of operational efficiency while servicing area residents in need of dental care.

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