Educate patients more effectively with dental school software

January 30th, 2014

Dental academic software makes it easier to educate patients about the importance of oral care. According to an article in Dental Economics, patient education is one of the most important services that clinics perform. In addition, it helps to increase patient retention. However, the tried and true methods of communication may not be working anymore.

Send out automated emails
In the past, providing visitors with information meant printing out pamphlets about the different facets of oral health. However, with all the technology that exists today, there are far more effective means of reaching people. It is increasingly more beneficial to send electronic messages. Dental enterprise software can make it easier for oral health facilities to send targeted messages for patients who need it most. Practices can send out scheduled emails that contain important information about oral health. Just like any enterprise, dental practices can sign up for an email marketing campaign service to automate the messaging.

In order to communicate better with patients, dental practices are going to have to get creative with messages. For instance, certain times of year are ideal for sending out specific information. With all the candy being imbibed around Halloween, it could be useful to remind patients of the harm sugar can cause to teeth if kids don't brush regularly. Similarly, February is American Heart Health month. Practices can take this opportunity to inform patients of the ways in which oral and physical health are related. According to Drews Dental Services in Maine, gum disease can put individuals at higher risk for heart disease. The plaque that builds up below the gum line is the same plaque that clogs arteries. Roughly 70 percent of individuals in the U.S. have periodontal disease in some form. Reminding patients that it is important to visit the dentist frequently to maintain oral health is good for boosting long-term retention rates.

Allow patient access online with dental software
Another way to reach patients is to allow them to log on and access information themselves. Dental software systems that enable patient access can be an effective communication tool. A large number of individuals prefer to access data on their own time. Having a user interface that contains an educational feature could be a powerful way of providing patients with important oral health information. Implementing video and infographics can be an especially effective means of relaying educational materials. Encourage patients to look through the resources on their own time when they are accessing their dental records.

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