Education focusing on technology more than ever

October 24th, 2014

Students prefer learning the art of dentistry and oral hygiene from dental school software, according to a recent study by Lindsey Hamil reported in the Journal of Dental Education. The report tested students responses to grades given through a traditional dental exam versus one that incorporated dental academic software. The students generally preferred the software over the paper-based grading system.

Top-shelf dental and hygiene school software can do much more than help students learn. It can also aid them in figuring out how to use the technology they will have to master when they enter the profession. Learning from a full suite of applications will help give oral hygienists and dentists an advantage over competing candidates who don't know how to enter patient information into a software database, for example.

Benefits of technology and education
Campus Technology recently reported on the benefits of using tech in the workplace when it comes to STEM studies. STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math is a group of studies that will be in large demand in the future. Dentistry is fundamentally a science as well as a practice, and according to a study by the Rochester Institute of Technology, having technology in the classroom for STEM studies helps students who might otherwise have lower GPAs boost their grades because they are learning in a more comprehensive way – one that incorporates many different learning strategies all at once.

"The ongoing and future challenge for educators will be selecting and integrating immersive classroom technologies to enhance proven pedagogical principles," said Robert Garrick, an associate professor for the school.

The advantages conferred by dental software will have no effect on the students who do not have the software, and colleges and other schools that offer dentistry and oral hygiene courses without any beneficial software or who use software that doesn't confer the same wide range of educational tools that top-shelf software offers will ultimately lose out when it comes to schools that do provide great dental school software for their students to learn from. Students are becoming more technologically savvy than ever before, and they have come to expect software and other tools in the workplace.

According to the BBC, technology in the classroom has the power to change the way courses are taught as well as the amount of coursework that students can pick up and learn. When people are educated with many different views of the same research, they get a more nuanced view in a much shorter time.

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