Embracing new technology to meet long-term industry goals

December 31st, 2013

With dental hygiene academic software, university administrators will ensure their institutions are properly equipped to embrace technology in the near future. Recent developments in electronic health records, as well as a variety of other operational tools, have made it increasingly important for specialized oral health programs to update their own equipment. Academic organizations must make sure they periodically update their curricula to reflect the most up-to-date trends in the professional environment.

For example, the growing dependence on EHRs has already led some universities to incorporate new digital X-ray and imaging technology into the classroom experience. According to North Country Now, a news publication based in upstate New York, the State University of New York, Canton campus recently received such a unit as a donation from two oral health institutions.

"Digital units are being used more frequently than their conventional film counterparts in dental offices, so this very generous donation will allow our students to familiarize themselves with equipment they will likely be using during their careers," Pamela Quinn, director of SUNY Canton's dental hygiene program, told North Country Now. 

Dental hygiene school software can make it easier for educators to meet the industry's ambitious long-term goals. Trish De Dios, a registered dental hygienist, wrote in the industry publishing network DentistryIQ about the need to maximize the experiences students are exposed to during school.

"As our profession develops, our ambition is that the term 'dental hygienist' will automatically define and represent a college-educated health care professional, one with a multi-faceted skill set and an abundance of transferable knowledge," De Dios wrote.

Software for dental hygiene schools will equip these institutions with the infrastructure necessary to introduce new technology into the classroom and ultimately prepare students for successful careers. 

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