Enhancing patient management with dental software

January 27th, 2014

University clinics can benefit from the use of dental enterprise software in patient management. Patient retention is critical to the success of oral health care facilities, but these offices can lose patients due to disorganization. Dental school software combines student tracking with electronic medical records to form a comprehensive system. When everything is stored in an organized system, it becomes much easier to keep track of patients.

A recent article in Dentistry IQ compiled a number of tips on patient management. One dentist recommended that practices be careful when speaking on the phone with patients. Asking these individuals if they have been to the practice before can offend long-time visitors who have spent a great deal of money. Having easy access to patient files can prevent this blunder because the individual's documents will be accessible by the click of a mouse.

Another dentist recommended  taking a quick look through files to see which patients still have remaining benefits through insurance and sending them messages. Sending out mail with a helpful reminder can be a good way to get patients back through the doors.

Improving patient care
In addition to retaining visitors, dental enterprise software is crucial for providing adequate care. When dental information is recorded accurately, the chances of error are significantly reduced. For example, in Dental Economics, Richard Nagelberg wrote that there are a huge number of cases of periodontal disease that are not being treated. He cited information from Dr. Charles Cobb, who found that about 50 percent of adults between 30 and 70 have periodontisis. However, treatment of this disease accounted for only about 5 percent of benefit codes submitted to insurance carriers. During the same time period, a large number of oral care facilities did provide tooth-whitening services for patients.

Without an organized care regimen, it is easy for dentists to overlook certain diseases. Periodontal disease when untreated can have negative effects on oral care. While dentists have an ethical duty to provide the best quality care, giving patients the best treatment also leads to greater retention.

Dental enterprise software can help dental practices stay on top of patient needs and record information more accurately. It can also help to increase communication between oral care professionals so that vital information is not lost. In the end, it is not just the dental facility that benefits from such a system, but the patient as well.

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