Enhancing preventative care with dental software

October 25th, 2013

Most Americans disregard their best oral hygiene practices during the weeks leading up to Halloween, as grocery stores and supermarkets take advantage of the holiday to sell candy and other cavity-causing products. However, such seasonal events present care providers with unique opportunities to leverage the benefits of dental enterprise software.

Many oral care operations across the U.S. are using Halloween as a chance to initiative public outreach programs that promote the importance of proper dental hygiene. For example, the CBS affiliate KREM, which is based in Spokane, Wash, recently reported South Hill Pediatric Dentistry will conduct a candy buy-back program for its patients. By offering $1 for every pound of candy kids bring to the dentist, the clinic's staff hopes to reduce the risk of cavities and ultimately improve the overall health of its clientele. Employees at the clinic are using the buy-back program to inform kids about which types of candy are the least damaging to oral health.

"Sticky candies dissolve a lot more slowly in the mouth and so they tend to coat the teeth," dentist Erin Johnson told KREM. "They tend to fill in the grooves of the back teeth very easily and they just sort of sit there all day. They're harder to brush away because they're so sticky."

What do these programs have to do with dental software?
Regardless of the season, private practices can utilize advanced clinical technology to develop engaging public outreach campaigns that specifically target unique clientele. Halloween candy buy-back programs work for places such as South Hill Pediatric Dentistry because the clinic works exclusively with young children who are most likely to participate in activities such as trick-or-treating. However, care providers that target a different patient demographic may want to consider other initiatives.

Dental enterprise software offers clinics the ability to access a broad database of patient information that can be used to inform public outreach campaigns. For example, if a large number of patients have a specific health problem, dentists can tailor their initiatives to specific prevention methods. The possibilities are endless when care providers are able to access to detailed information.

In fact, PSFK, a business innovation news website, said San Francisco dentist Sara Creighton is currently seeking funding to create a mobile clinic that will travel directly to businesses around the city. Creighton and her business partner said they noticed an opportunity to target working professionals by eliminating the need to schedule dental appointments.

Dental software provides a unique level of flexibility that ultimately creates a more satisfying patient experience.

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