Experience with dental hygiene school software attractive to employers

January 24th, 2014

The flexible, collaborative nature of software for dental hygiene schools allows academic institutions around the country to offer their students a better chance at securing a job after graduation.

Dentistry has become a hot industry for recent graduates over the last several years. Even though many businesses in other sectors of the economy have struggled to find the funding necessary to hire more workers, opportunities are relatively abundant in the health care field. The oral health career website DentalSpot.com said job security, flexibility of hours and an overall low-stress work environment have all contributed to the growing popularity of the dental hygienist role.

Advanced technology is essential in today's academic curriculum
As these trends continue, universities that offer oral hygiene programs can expect an increase in enrollment numbers in the near future. A larger student population highlights the need for maximum efficiency at the administrative level. However, dental hygiene school software can help these institutions incorporate more relevant technology into the curriculum. According to a recent survey of hiring trends conducted by RDH magazine, dentistry professionals today are more likely than ever before to hold multiple jobs at different practices or organizations. In fact, 41 percent of more than 1,000 respondents claimed they work shifts at two or more clinics.

Balancing two different jobs takes a great deal of planning and efficiency on the part of individuals. Especially as oral health providers embrace technology in their operations, today's students must be able to develop strong organizational skills, as well as a deep familiarity with new tools such as electronic health records. This experience will ultimately allow recent graduates to be more flexible, which means they have a better shot at successfully handling more than one job.

DentalSpot.com said landing a job as a dental hygienist is also dependent on the ability to create a strong network with other industry professionals. School is an opportune time to develop these connections. Universities that use dental hygiene academic software can provide students with real experience collaborating with other dental care providers on research projects and other information-gathering initiatives. This technology is uniquely designed to make the data-sharing process as easy as possible for users. Allowing students to participate in these processes creates new opportunities for them to make strong professional connections with people who may ultimately know about future job openings.

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