From added efficiency to federal Medicaid incentives, find out how axiUm will benefit your organization no matter what size or type it may be.


Evidence Based Dentistry

axiUm paves the way for evidence-based dentistry, by allowing your organization to find patterns in and substantiate new or existing patient care methods. The information collected through axiUm will allow your enterprise to adjust its operations and become more efficient. The powerful reporting tools enable your clinicians to see trends in diagnostics and procedures, ultimately opening doors to further grow your evidence-based dentistry.


Clinical & Operational Efficiency

Your business isn’t just comprised of clinics. In addition to all the clinical aspects of dentistry, there are countless operational and support functions that, when combined, make your business a well-oiled machine. axiUm software is the common denominator that joins all of these separate but integrated functions.



Customizable for each institution and user, the EHR can be set up using axiUm’s robust security features to limit what information any user level can see or have access to


Customizable Features & Workflows

axiUm is built to work the way you work. It’s designed to conform to your work flows, not the other way around. axiUm’s powerful features allow for maximum flexibility, so that your organization can virtually track all the data it needs without any modification of the core system. Furthermore, axiUm allows you to customize and define that data as you want to capture it.


Scalable & Flexible

Built with the flexibility to accommodate your ever-changing organization, axiUm adapts to your needs by growing and conforming to a multitude of scenarios. It doesn’t impose limits on the number of locations or providers and is scalable. In addition, by interfacing or integrating with Hospital Information Systems and Digital Imaging Systems, axiUm is flexible enough to work with your existing or future systems.



axiUm CE is a fully certified complete EHR technology software solution. What does this mean? Certification is required for professionals to be eligible for Federal Medicaid incentive payments. The certification was granted by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT), an Office of the National Coordinator – Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB). axiUm is certified as a “Complete EHR” for supporting meaningful use. As a result, axiUm is the only program you need to achieve eligibility for these Medicaid incentives.

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