axiUm paves the way for evidence-based dentistry, by allowing your organization to find patterns in and substantiate new or existing patient care methods. The information collected through axiUm will allow your enterprise to adjust its operations and become more efficient. The powerful reporting tools enable your clinicians to see trends in diagnostics and procedures, ultimately opening doors to further grow your evidence-based dentistry.

Paving the Way for Evidence-Based Dentistry

Powerful Reporting

The powerful integration between axiUm’s Information Manager and Crystal Reports allows you to gather information on virtually every aspect of your dental institution.

With over 250 pre-defined reports, the Information Manager allows you to data mine almost every aspect of the program. Not the format you’re looking for? These 250 default reports can be further customized, giving you the specific view or order set you’re looking for.

Furthermore, you can completely remove all reporting barriers by integrating Crystal Reports into axiUm. By taking advantage of Crystal Reports integration, you have the ability to find obscure and valuable data using complex SQL scripts.

Using these powerful tools allows you to extend your research into Evidence-Based Dentistry, by substantiating new or current methods.

Research All Data

Demographics, procedures, diagnostics, booking times – any data entered into axiUm can be researched and extracted into a report.

Not only does axiUm keep current information, it also stores historical data on fields. For example, you can run a report on the number of times a field has changed. You can also view previous values of the data. This becomes particularly important when researchers are looking at how subject matter evolves through time.

axiUm’s extensive audit history has the ability to track field changes and user window views, allowing you to run reports on both patients and system users. This enables you to build basic and complex workflow diagrams of the most commonly used functionalities in axiUm.

COHRI Approved

axiUm is the software of choice for the Consortium for Oral Health Research and Informatics (COHRI) group. The COHRI group’s vision is: “Linking resources for better research and patient care” and their mission is to:

  • Create, standardize and integrate data using electronic health records
  • Cooperate with other health related institutions to share data
  • Improve informatics utilization in dental education, health care, and research
  • Work together as a consortium to develop research projects to promote evidence based dentistry
  • Define and facilitate the implementation of best practices and standards of care

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