Without a doubt, your patients are your organization’s most valuable assets. To protect these assets, you need to ensure they receive the best patient care your organization can offer.

axiUm makes this possible by automating basic functionality for providers. This automation ensures that everything is in place before a procedure begins and that follow-up is performed after the patient leaves the clinic. Furthermore, axiUm allows administrators and clinical directors to set rules and alerts, ensuring clinic rules are followed and nothing falls between the cracks.

Care at All Locations

axiUm ensures that patient information entered in one location is entirely accessible in another. This gives your organization the confidence that your transient patients will have the same standard of care at any of your clinics, regardless of which location they visit.

Continuing Care

With axiUm you can automatically put patients on a recall list, based on the procedure that is being performed. For example, when a dental procedure is completed axiUm will automatically prompt the clinician to manually set a recall date. However, the software can also automatically set the recall date for you. You will never again forget to book a recall and all your procedures will have a proper appointment is scheduled for continuing care visits.

As an added bonus, you can use axiUm’s patient reminder system EasyMarkit – a voice, text and email tool that sends automatic reminders to all your patients in a batch process.

Follow the Rules

axiUm’s Overdue Conditions Manager allows your directors to set quality of care rules for a clinic. These rules are linked to the clinic’s procedures and provide directors and administrators granular control of overdue items.

For example, rules can govern how long a specific action may be delayed after a dental procedure has been performed. Should these rules be broken, automated messages are sent to the provider and alerts are set on the patient’s file and chart. Alerts such as this ensure that your providers are properly managing cases and your patients are ultimately given the best quality of care. For instance, if a patient has an overdue recall and has not booked an appointment within a time limit, axiUm will generate and send you an alert.


Enhanced Quality of Care

Since axiUm integrates with all of your dental operations, including clinical files, system flags can be generated within these records if tasks are not completed in another.

For example, the Lab Tracking module can notify the front desk if a patient’s lab result is late. The Chart Tracking modules will notify a provider if they’ve forgotten to check-in or check-out a chart. And the Online Patient Access module can alert the front desk if a patient’s demographics or insurance requires updating.

When combined, these system notifications and alerts make certain that your most valuable assets – your patients – receive the best quality of care possible.

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