From course evaluations, chart tracking, to internal messaging, axiUm enables Instructors to easily monitor and assess their students’ academic progress.

Streamlining the student management process

Instructors can easily monitor and assess students’ academic progress with axiUm dental academic software. From course evaluations and chart-tracking to internal messaging, axiUm enables faculty to effectively manage student activities in the clinic.

Grading and Course Evaluations

axiUm gives instructors the ability to track student performance and clinical competency using a structured, measurable and reportable evaluation system. This gives educators the ability to measure progress not only through traditional tests and exams, but through the ability to apply dental information to real-world understanding, as well.

In addition to improving private practice operations, axiUm dental school software performs essential student management tasks such as assignment grading and evaluation. Its user-friendly system allows faculty and staff to review, approve and assess student procedures as outlined in the broader curriculum. It even has the ability to perform real-time and periodic grading, which allows instructors to provide timely and accurate evaluations and feedback. Additionally, axiUm dental school software provides access to customized student lists, as wells the ability to perform Start Checks.

Student Activity Monitoring

axiUm dental school software also provides educators with the tools necessary to improve the educational experience. For example, schools that use axiUm can have greater insight into how their students are progressing. The ability to closely monitor student activity and progression through the program allows for instructors to strengthen the one-on-one relationships with their students. It can also foster more meaningful interactions between students and actual dental patients. Additionally, such a streamlined system offers students the ability to take the initiative in monitoring their own performance by having easy access to program requirements and specific course information.

Course Creation and Requirement Enforcement

Educators can create clinical requirements that act as prerequisites for course completion and graduation. For example, curriculum managers can use axiUm to outline a program roadmap that identifies the specific requirements for graduation. The integrated nature of the axiUm software systems allow students to easily view their progress through the program at their own convenience so they no longer have to wonder whether they are meeting the requirements.

axiUm’s flexibility also creates a more efficient classroom experience. For instance, the software allows instructors to be mobile in the classroom, rather than desk-bound to a computer. It even enhances the speed at which both educators and students receive feedback about specific course work. By bridging communication gaps between students and their instructors, dental and hygiene school faculty members can take a more proactive approach to student management.

A more efficient classroom environment will naturally lead to better patient care, as well. axiUm dental school software even improves communication and workflow within an institution’s own operational clinic.


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