axiUm enables academic organizations to capture data and generate reports that support proof of research.

Tapping into grant and research opportunities

axiUm enables dental and hygiene schools to capture data and generate thorough reports that support proof of research and enhance industry knowledge. As a result, academic institutions are able to access a variety of unique opportunities. For example, axiUm makes it easier for schools to take advantage of available research grants. Faculty and staff can also participate in research groups such as the Consortium for Oral Health and Research Informatics that work together to present research regarding up-and-coming industry trends like evidence-based and preventive dentistry.

Upholds School Reputations

axiUm dental academic software allows schools to establish credibility within the industry in a variety of ways. For example, educators can not only continually monitor student progress, they can use the software program to identify performance problems early on and reduce dropout rates. axiUm also improves pass-fail rates at academic institutions, which can increase the number of students who graduate on a yearly basis. By improving performance and increasing the likelihood of graduation, academic institutions can attract more students in the long run and earn industry-wide respect for their programs.

Share and Use Research

axiUm software enables dental and hygiene schools to foster collaborative relationships with other institutions. The flexibility of the system makes it easy to join and participate in active research groups that are united by the fact that they all use the same operational software tools. The Consortium for Oral Health and Research Informatics is one such group that meets regularly to share data and accelerate relevant research initiatives that have a long-term positive impact on the quality of dental care and education.

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