Keep students engaged with dental academic software

November 26th, 2013

Academic program administrators can leverage advanced dental school software technology to keep course curricula exciting and engaging for both students and educators.

Management in the higher education industry is a complicated task. Large universities with thousands of program enrollees must take full advantage of available tools to ensure individual student performance is properly tracked, graded and evaluated on a regular basis. At the same time, professors and researchers must pay close attention to industry trends that apply to existing classroom syllabi. Institutions that ignore recent developments in the oral health profession run the risk of maintaining overly monotonous dental schools that fail to prepare students for the dynamic professional environment.

Avoid boredom with advanced management software
Author Lisa Newburger wrote in the industry publication network DentistryIQ about the dangers of a lack of engagement in the workplace. According to Newburger, dental assistants and other oral health professionals can easily become bored with their jobs when they are prone to repetitive routines and experience the same day-to-day challenges. Universities that invest in high-quality dental academic software programs have unique opportunities to eliminate this common occurrence among future employees. Students who graduate from programs that effectively integrate advanced technology into the classroom experience are often much more prepared to embrace challenges in the jobs they hold later on in life. By obtaining real-world experience through interactive course requirements, academic institutions can easily combat the threat of boredom in both the professional and educational environment.

How does technology make day-to-day tasks more exciting?
Universities across the nation have already demonstrated significant creativity with technology. For example, the American Dental Hygienist' Association recently announced A.T. Still University's Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health will be expanding its "Text2Floss" outreach campaign on a global scale. The program directly engages people by offering them the chance to voluntary sign up to receive text messages from oral health professionals about proper dental hygiene. 

"The widespread global use of cell phones combined with the popularity of text messaging makes Text2Floss a powerful and cost-effective medium for oral health messaging," Tony Hashemian, assistant dean of Global Oral Health, at A.T. Still's Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. "Text2Floss has the potential to reach people across the nation and globally."

Other academic institutions around the country can develop their own unique programs by investing in dynamic dental school software programs that make it easier to gather and share information on a large scale.

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