Grading and student management: How good is your school compared to the rest?

September 10th, 2013

Dental academic software can have a greater impact on operational efficiency than many program managers may realize. Dentistry is a growing industry in the U.S., which means many academic institutions are now competing to attract new applicants. When it comes down to comparing two programs, choosing the one with the most integrated technology is often the best long-term investment.

Nationwide interest in dental school programs is increasing at a rapid rate. According to the American Dental Education Association's latest survey of U.S. dental school applicants and enrollees, which measured data from the 2010 entering class, there has been significant growth in the number of applicants to programs in the past decade. For example, 7,700 people applied for dental programs in 2000. In 2010, however, that number increased to 12,001 applicants.

More than ever, technology is becoming an important element of the dental education process. Institutions that can offer hands-on experience with electronic health records, for instance, have a leg up on others. Is your school using the right dental software to stay competitive in the growing market? 

Are you able to integrate educational and clinical processes into one fluid system?
Previously, many academic institutions have had to separate the management of their educational programs from that of their actual clinical services. In many cases, educators are forced to perform curriculum writing and other academic services through separate software systems that are unrelated to what the same institution uses for providing clinical care. Some programs even perform the educational management tasks manually and waste valuable time and resources on processes that can be easily automated with the right tools. With axiUm dental software, program faculty can experience fluid integration between both educational and clinical functionality.

Do you have the tools to easily customize academic curricula?
A recent article published in the Journal of Dental Education said there are disparities in the way dental universities administer licensure exams. Some institutions are using the most traditional format while others are incorporating the preparation process into the actual student curriculum. While the study revealed no significant advantage in preparing for one method over the other, the ability to streamline the exam management process can still have a major impact on boosting the operational efficiency of these institutions. Dental school software is flexible and can accommodate various customizations when it comes to mixing licensure requirements with existing academic programs.

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