Harvard University raising funds to benefit its dental program

May 14th, 2014

Dental academic software is beneficial in helping administrators manage all aspects of running a dental program. From student enrollment to keeping track of their academic progress, dental software is useful in making sure programs run as efficiently as possible.

The Harvard Crimson recently reported on the university's plan to raise $8 million for the School of Dental Medicine. Although it is the smallest of the Ivy League institution's programs, 75 percent of the students who enroll depend on a number of sources for financial aid, including institutional funding, as well as private and federal contributions.

According to the report, $6 million of the $8 million the school hopes to raise will go toward increasing financial aid as well as scholarship funds. Additionally, the other $2 million will be used to strengthen oral public health programs at both a global and local level.

Should the university reach its intended goal, the additional money could potentially help boost enrollment numbers in the dental program. Dental academic software is essential in helping administrators at similar institutions keep track of students and help their programs maintain a high level of operational efficiency.

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