Having a great website can build a clinic’s client base

August 21st, 2014

Having a successful dental clinic means having the best equipment available, both in terms of physical hardware as well as dental software. It also helps to run a good website that will attract clients.

Dentistry IQ stated that good websites can bring patients to the office. Bad websites might potentially drive them away. Dentists should think of their website as the first presentation they make to potential patients. As such, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Visuals and storytelling
For dentists in particular, showing before and after shots of teeth are a great way to demonstrate the skills of the clinic, according to Dentistry IQ. Additionally, if a story can surround the before and after shots as a way of generating emotional or narrative content, then people will be even more drawn to the website and to the clinic that it represents.

People will respond to before and after images in ways that dentists may not be able to anticipate, as they have not met every person who forms part of the website traffic, so having a range of different sets of teeth with different problems will widen the net for people looking for solutions to specific dental challenges.

Contact info
Presenting contact info more than once – on multiple pages – is a great way for dentists to remind visitors of how to reach them. People with trouble finding the location or the phone number to a dentist's clinic may choose to find another dentist. Many people queue up multiple clinic sites at once when they search for a new dental practitioner, so if they can't quickly find a number to call to ask if an appointment time slot is available, they may simply close the site and go to the next one.

Basic website tactics
CIO Magazine presents tactics that can apply more broadly, which will help a dentist's website stand out from the rest. One recommended method of drumming up business is to have a logo and feature it prominently. People respond to logos because they show that the clinic has spent money on hiring someone to draw a picture and create a unique image. It may cause people to think the clinic is doing well enough to afford something like this, versus another office that doesn't have a logo.

There are also small ways that a website can stand out, such as using a font that is more friendly, like a sans serif font, or a website with particularly intuitive navigation. Having the best dental hardware and the greatest dental enterprise software won't be good enough if dentists can't get clients to come through to door and see everything. The first step to generating clients is through a website.

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