Health care professionals rapidly adopting mobile technology

July 8th, 2014

Dental hygiene academic software that can be paired with a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet increases the operational efficiency of any clinic. It is for this reason that many health care professionals in a variety of different practice areas and disciplines, laud the use of mobile devices in a clinical setting.

Health Data Management, citing a poll of 500 physicians conducted by the MedData Group, revealed that two-thirds are already using mobile technology in their practices, and 60 percent are eager for technology that makes it easier to review electronic health records.

The survey revealed that health care professionals are enjoying technological tools that make their day-to-day jobs easier.

"Doctors are open to adopting a wide variety of mHealth technologies, if they see a clear benefit," MedData Group explained. "Marketers should consider ROI metrics to demonstrate product value."

A report by the Motley Fool revealed other ways mobile can improve health care efficiency. One of these is the ability for a patient to see a doctor without actually making a visit to an office. Another is wearable devices that can not only track key health indicators, but also share them with a physician as well.

There seems to be virtually no limit to the ways in which mobile technology can make any clinical practice better. Hygiene schools already utilizing dental software would be wise to stay abreast of the latest advancements taking place in the sector. It can make all the difference in preparing students for successful jobs after graduation.

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