How can dental hygiene school software improve care?

October 21st, 2013

As health care professionals continue to make strides to increase both the efficiency and quality of care patients receive, dental hygiene academic software can help universities leverage technology in unique ways.

Maria Perno Goldie, a registered dental hygienist, wrote in DentistryIQ about a recent panel discussion she attended featuring Anne Battrell, the executive director of the American Dental Hygiene Association. According to Goldie, Battrell discussed the many opportunities academic institutions across the nation have to take the lead in improving the way oral health care professionals tackle today's increasingly complex dentistry issues. In fact, she outlined several market forces that will play a major role in shaping the way professionals deliver care in the near future:

Dental hygiene as a primary care provider
A fact sheet published recently by the ADHA highlighted the growing industry-wide trend to consider oral hygiene as an essential element of any patient's overall primary health care. In many cases, this trend has lead many dentistry professionals to become more involved in clinics outside of the traditional private practice.

"Currently, 35 states have policies that allow dental hygienists to work in community-based settings (like public health clinics, schools and nursing homes) to provide preventive oral health services without the presence or direct supervision of a dentist," the fact sheet stated. "These states recognize that dental hygienists are primary care providers who are an essential entry point to the health care system."

Software for dental hygiene schools can make it easy for faculty and staff to train students in how to properly use electronic health records and other tools that make it easy for patient information to be transported among different providers.

Increase in dental education programs
Outreach is another important factor that will influence the quality of oral health care in the near future, Battrell said in the panel discussion. Communicating industry research to the public in accessible and practical ways can have a profound impact on the level of engagement and interest patients feel in regard to their own well-being. Dental software allows academic institutions the ability to collaborate with outside organizations to share information and organize research initiatives.

By utilizing advanced software for dental hygiene schools, administrators and faculty members can experience a variety of benefits. Many of these will also come as a major boon to private practices that hire recent graduates and ultimately utilize much of the research and information that comes out of academic institutions.

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