How dental software can help improve care for young children

February 20th, 2014

Dental care for young children is failing. Until recently, children under the age of 3 were seldom thought to need any oral inspection, according to The Seattle Times. However, dentists are now clamoring for parents to bring their kids in as early as six months after their first tooth eruption or by the time they turn one year old.

The problem, David Neil, a pediatric dentist, told the news source, is a lack of patient education. By the age of 5, nearly two-thirds of all children have already had a cavity, according to an American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry study cited by The Seattle Times. If university clinics and private dental practices could learn to communicate better with their patients, Neil believes that "many, if not all, of these kids can go [cavity] free." 

Leveraging innovative technology to solve the problem
The challenge now lies in communication. Dental academic software is an innovative system that allows university clinics to more easily interact with their patients. In past years, client communications was more a matter of dentists talking directly to their patients. However, according to Dental Economics, the dental profession has more recently become susceptible to economic trends and cycles, speeding up the pace of work and making effective communications exceedingly difficult.

By investing in dental software, clinics and dentists can manage more information while establishing more digital and contemporary avenues for connecting, namely the Internet. Through built-in Web portals, clinical staff can interact with patients, providing them with appointment reminders, treatment updates and, most importantly, educational materials. Dental school software comes with a complete library of educational dental procedure videos that patients can watch at their leisure. The material includes a wide range of dental treatments spelled out in simple terms so anyone can easily understand them.

Dental software has even more to offer
The benefits of the software, though, don't stop at one-way communication from dentist to patient. In fact, patients have their own unique set of advantages, helping them to stay engaged with their own care. Using online tools, individuals can schedule and re-schedule appointments, connect with dentists and support staff, and even help manage the care of other family members, like siblings and children.

Dental academic software is a comprehensive solution that addresses several of the problems present in contemporary dentistry.

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