How dental software enhances the six roles of dental hygienists

October 7th, 2013

Dental software is a powerful tool capable of doing much more than simply improving the efficiency of private practice operations. In fact, it can even create higher performing employees.

According to RDH, an industry publication, there are six major roles dental hygienists play when providing care for patients: they must be expert clinicians, educators, researchers, administrators and advocates. The American Dental Hygiene Association said professionals in this field must be prepared to provide a framework through which patients can receive personalized care. Here is a closer look at how software tools enhance these six major roles of the dental hygienist and improve the patient experience:

In the actual private practice, dental enterprise software creates a much more efficient care process. Not only can clinicians use advanced technology to generate and store electronic health records, but they can also easily integrate digital imaging capabilities and X-ray information to access a dynamic view of current patient conditions.

Software tools can enhance the education role of dental hygiene professionals in more ways than one. Not only can dentistry professionals use computerized databases of research information to inform patients about their individual diagnoses and situations, actual educators can use software for dental hygiene schools to streamline the student management process. The software isn't simply a tool that works best for private practice clinics. Academic institutions of any size can better prepare tomorrow's dental hygienists to enter the workforce already fluent in new management technology.

Dental software, whether for private enterprises or schools and universities, can make it easier for oral care professionals to apply existing research to inform patient conditions. Through the fully integrated nature of axiUm, students, clinicians and dental hygienists can create custom reports using numerous data points. The quality of research has a profound impact on the overall quality of dental care patients receive.

On the administrative end of clinical operations, dental hygienists can create a more satisfying patient experience by using advanced technological tools. Appointment scheduling no longer has to be an unorganized mess. With dental enterprise software, clinics can easily keep track of their schedules, remove canceled appointments and even link patient contact information with existing electronic health records.

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