How patients benefit from dental software

October 24th, 2013

Dental enterprise software has dramatically increased the efficiency of clinical operations, and it offers a variety of unique patient-focused benefits.

Any oral health care operation revolves almost exclusively around the ability to deliver a satisfying experience to individuals seated in the dental chair. However, in working so hard to provide such a high level of care, many clinics can easily get caught up in the minute details of backend operations. For example, constantly having to organize paper records and files is a cumbersome process that can even increase overhead costs and negatively impact customer engagement. In other cases, ineffective appointment scheduling programs often lead to backlogs, excessive wait times and poor overall service.

Advanced dental software tools can work wonders at clinics that would otherwise struggle to maintain proper organization of a large network of patients. Not only can electronic systems improve operational efficiency, but oral care providers can also leverage these tools to create unique features that lead to a healthier and more actively engaged clientele.

Online tools
One clinic based in downtown Chicago even makes it easier for patients to take dental care into their own hands. According to Digital Journal, an online news resource with a global focus, dentist Harvey Mahler's Lake Shore Dental operation includes a robust website patients can visit any time throughout the day to access an entire library of information about oral health care.

"Questions about dental health care always arise, but it is not always easy or convenient for patients to come into or to call the office," Mahler said. "This is why we have added the convenient online education feature for our patients. The educational library allows patients to access information they need to make decisions regarding their oral health on our advanced website around the clock."

Other organizations are leveraging advanced technology to create more aggressive public information campaigns. In fact, the Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University, based in Toronto, recently started a variety of outreach clinics aimed at providing quality oral health care to specific demographics. In addition to the university's main operation, the school utilizes four separate programs to expand coverage to young children, people with disabilities, as well as low-income households.

"We are not just trained to be skilled practitioners," Sina Hashemi, president of the McGill Dental Students' Society, said in a press release. "We are trained to be aware of our community and this new facility will allow us to develop our skills in the best environment possible."

The right dental enterprise software program can function as a launch pad for a variety of unique patient-focused initiatives. The ability to seamlessly integrate electronic health records with existing systems makes it much easier to organize a variety of moving parts. As oral care providers across North America continue to focus heavily on reducing overhead costs and improving efficiency, easy-to-use software programs can ensure clinics are able to achieve all of their goals while continuing to deliver a high-quality patient experience.

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