Improve academic efficiency with dental school software

March 24th, 2014

Academic institutions can achieve a variety of management improvements by investing in dental school software. However, the same technology may also have a more indirect impact on the overall student experience.

The growing prevalence of debt from loans used to finance college tuition has become a major issue facing universities throughout the U.S. A recent article from USA Today reported that 40 million Americans now owe a collective $1.2 trillion to make up for student loans. In many cases, individuals end up paying these costs years after graduation, which over time may influence more people to consider alternatives to pursuing a college education.

The dental industry is no exception. In fact, revealed that only 11.5 percent of students who graduated from an oral health academic institution in 2012 left with no financial debt.

While many organizations and federal agencies are aiming for large-scale improvements to higher education to make it more affordable, schools have the opportunity to eliminate waste now by taking advantage of dental academic software. Managing student performance and progress through a set curriculum requires attention to a wide variety of details. In addition to grading assignments, faculty also need a reliable way to create the most relevant academic standards. Without the right tools, administrative complications may have a direct influence on the time it takes for people to graduate. If students are able to access the information they need to make the smartest, most efficient decisions about their path to graduation, it is likely they will be able to complete their formal education in as little time as possible. By avoiding the need to pay for additional semesters, these students can limit the amount of debt they acquire over time.

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