Improve preventative care with software for dental hygiene schools

January 14th, 2014

Software for dental hygiene schools can help university administrators put their programs into the context of many of the current discussions surrounding the health care industry in the U.S.

So much of the attention on the recent implementation of the Affordable Care Act has centered around primary care physicians as opposed to anything specifically related to dentistry. However, oral health care providers are equally implicit in the overall need to lower costs, boost operational efficiency and deliver a higher-quality patient experience. Rick Valachovic, president and CEO of the American Dental Education Association, recently wrote on his blog about the importance of integrating the dentist's role more closely with the primary care process. Specifically, Valachovic said oral health professionals are already uniquely equipped to handle basic functions such as monitoring risks, emphasizing preventative services and screening for specific conditions.

"As the field of dentistry evolves, and as we become more integrated into the health care system overall, this is the direction we need to be heading," Cecile Feldman, dean of the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, told Valachovic.

The online political news publication The Hill said dentistry has been unnecessarily left out of most discussions about health care reform. In fact, the website said most people visit their primary care dentists more often than they see their own physicians. To fully prepare for students to take on more active roles in the professional world, universities must invest in technology that will allow for the organization of more complex standards. Dental hygiene school software provides educators with the opportunity to easily adjust academic curricula and measure performance based on specific requirements. These tools also function in tandem with ongoing clinical operations, making it even easier to gather and store the kind of patient data that leads to stronger preventative care.

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