Laptops in the classroom

December 11th, 2014

Bringing laptops into the classroom has been a subject for debate. However, dental academic software does not have to be used in a classroom in order to be effective. Students can study by using such a system at their convenience from anywhere in the college campus via the cloud-based software that underlies the technology. As such, one does not necessarily have to bring a laptop to a lecture in order to have the huge potential of a dental library at one's fingertips.

In the end, it likely comes down to how the professor feels about his or her students. If the class is advanced and people are fully engaged, then everyone is going to be using their laptops to look up information and identify areas for study they can address later. If the class is in a large lecture hall, then it may not be appropriate to allow laptops for notes because then students may be tempted to ignore the professor and read social media, according to Slate. Even so, if students are surfing the web, it is ultimately their responsibility to use it for the purpose of study.

It's important to remember that students are coming to school in order to learn, and they need to have the opportunity to be independent adults, which includes the opportunity to fail if they let themselves. Additionally, dental students have already had experience with college before, so they are likely more mature than most undergrad students, and deserve the respect of being allowed to use laptops if they choose.

According to the Journal of Dental Education, the subject is controversial in schools, and there is no right or wrong answer. It depends entirely on the class and the situation at hand. Professor Heiko Spallek of the University of Pittsburg argues that when used effectively, having access to technology within the classroom is a major advantage over students who are taking notes on paper and must rely on their memory for vocabulary words. Professor HsingChi von Bergmann of the University of British Columbia partly agrees, with the caveat that one cannot simply allow students to bring in laptops and leave it at that – the tool is simply too powerful to be left alone without incorporating it directly into the classroom.

The advantages of dental school software
This is the major incentive behind offering dental and hygiene academic software. Products like these allow students access to far more resources than simply using the Internet. Students can have reports open on their devices that will let them read and follow along with complex explanations of extremely important topics having to do with oral health and dentistry. By incorporating dental software into the classroom with products designed for this purpose, professors can begin to craft extremely intelligent and thoughtful lectures and activities. These will leave students with a much deeper understanding of the practice than if they'd simply been using their laptops to look up vocabulary words.

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