Maintain up-to-date software to protect patient records

August 11th, 2014

Staying updated with the latest dental enterprise software is crucial for maintaining government compliance, keeping patients and practitioners happy and ensuring medical security. In Cisco's recent study of Internet security and data breaches, the best way to keep data safe was to make it hard for hackers to find a way into a computer system. In other words, data thieves always go for the low-hanging fruit.

"If data has any 'street value' -whether it's a major corporation's intellectual property or an individual's health care data – it is desirable and, therefore, at risk. If the value of the target is greater than the risk of compromising it, it will be hacked," the report stated.

An article on Health IT Security showed that breaches are dangerous risks for all practices, but following proper protocols can keep companies safe. Part of this means having the most up-to-date dental software. Negligent use of computer programs is one of the easiest data breaches to avoid through training and expertise, according to the article. Any company with electronic health records must be sure to practice safety and competence.

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