Making it easier for schools to integrate technology in the classroom

December 24th, 2013

The flexible nature of dental academic software tools can help universities around the nation familiarize students with the increasingly collaborative and high-tech nature of the oral health industry.

Advancements in technology have a tendency to lead to dramatic transformations in the ways health care providers treat patients and communicate with colleagues. For example, the growing popularity of electronic health records has made it easier for private practices and clinics to effectively manage much more robust data regarding industry research, patient conditions and payment processing. However, academic institutions also have a tremendous opportunity to incorporate these tools into their ongoing operations. Whether in the classroom, a laboratory or an affiliated community clinic, a high-quality dental software program can make it easier for both educators and students to access the latest technology in a real-world setting.

Students understand the need for collaboration
A recent article published in the American Dental Education Association's Journal of Dental Education found young people interested in pursuing oral health careers have become more aware of the importance of collaboration than ever before. The report, titled "Dental Students' Perceptions of the Use of Digital Microscopy as Part of an Oral Pathology Curriculum," collected results from a survey of 129 second-year dental students that found 98 percent believe new technology such as dental microscopy would enhance classroom learning. Ninety-seven percent of respondents claimed access to these tools would also naturally lead to greater collaboration among peers and professors.

"One of our most important findings was that the use of this digital microscopy was associated with the students' overwhelming belief that the technology enhanced peer collaboration, which is a critical component in the formation of future dentists," the authors of the article stated in a press release.

Dental software allows schools to streamline operations
The use of dental microscopy, imaging technology and other tools becomes much easier with a reliable academic management system. Clinics and private practices around the U.S. are often the first to take full advantage of enterprise software that organizes data collected from these procedures. However, that doesn't mean universities should forgo similar opportunities. In fact, because new graduates are likely to encounter state-of-the-art infrastructure in the professional setting, administrators and professors at academic institutions must make sure their programs include the necessary course requirements and offer the right kind of experience.

A recent article published in Becker's Hospital Review said the health care industry in the wake of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act will depend on clear and consistent communication among providers. The right dental school software program can offer universities an abundance of user-friendly options for sharing important research data and compiling patient contact information in a way that limits overhead costs without compromising any operational efficiency. Today's oral health students need to be properly trained to be successful in an industry that depends heavily on technology. Management software will make it easier for academic institutions to realize these long-term goals. 

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