Managing a well-run clinic

August 18th, 2014

In order to become a great dentist, there are a few qualities that everyone must have: For example, one should possess great talent in the field of dentistry, the best technology and the latest dental enterprise software. One must be good with patient care. And finally, a dentist must be a great leader.

This may come as a surprise to many dentists who focused on the scientific aspects of dentistry in medical school. Many people don't realize they will have a staff of dental hygienists and other people who work under them, using dental software and taking care of patients.

Focusing on strengths
So how do great dentists manage their employees? Dentistry IQ reported that many will take what is called a strengths-based approach. This means finding out what each employee is good at doing, and then having him or her perform that function in particular. This is exactly what companies use to motivate employees. It requires dentists to have people skills to discover and address the strengths of each worker who operates in their clinics. Those who are skilled at using dental software and managing paperwork may be suited for handling appointment scheduling. Others, who are better at certain parts of oral care or oral surgery, can perform exactly those tasks.

The level of feasibility for this program of managing your practice might vary with size. If you have only a few employees, then you may want to take a more personal, hands-on approach and ask people what they feel comfortable doing. Being a leader of a large group of people is very different from managing a smaller number of employees.

Creating a vision for your clinic
It may sound extreme, but many dentists who succeed in the very long term are those who have an idea of what they want from their practices, according to a separate article from Dentistry IQ. This may sound a bit lofty, but according to Theodore Schumann, a CPA and CFP, it works for businesses and medical practices alike.

The very first step is simply to ask yourself what your goals are. Beginning with your family, and moving outward in terms of importance, what do you want for yourself and for others? Taking it from there, what do you want your clinic to look like? Do you want to specialize in something you show a particular aptitude for, such as orthodontics or pediatric dentistry? What do you see yourself succeeding at the most when it comes to your professional life? When you organize your business like this, you will find that success becomes a matter of following a plan you have already made.

At the very core of your business, you must always remember to keep your dental enterprise software up to date, your dental technology the absolute latest and in the best condition, and to hire the finest people you can.

If you can find out what will make you happy as a dentist and how to make this happen realistically, then you will likely succeed in your profession.

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