How to get your CMS EHR Certification ID

The CMS EHR Certification ID is required for all EPs who want to start applying for Medicaid Incentives. According to the CMS website:

An Eligible Professional (EP) or Eligible Hospital (EH) that chooses to participate in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) EHR Incentive Programs must obtain a CMS EHR Certification ID. You may submit this CMS EHR Certification ID at the time of registration, but must submit it as part of the attestation process for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) EHR Incentive Programs.

Steps to get a CMS EHR Certification ID

The full set of instructions can be found here:

To receive the CMS EHR Certification ID For axiUm:

  1. Go to the ONC CHPL website:
  2. Select “2014 Edition”
  3. Search for “axiUm” by product name.
  4. In the results you may see many instances of axiUm –
    Locate any version that is certified by ICSA labs
  5. Press “Add to Cart”
  6. In the “Cart” click on the “Get CMS EHR Certification ID”
  7. You will receive this ID.

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