The Meaningful Use regulations required to obtain Federal Incentives are extensive and complex. From mandatory reporting requirements to potential exemptions, decoding the mystery can be a daunting and complex process.

axiUm’s Meaningful Use Consulting Team has worked through the criteria and requirements and understands precisely what is necessary; to achieve the standards required to gain Federal funding. They assist with the proper reporting processes and the recommended workflows required to collect the correct data, so that Meaningful Use reporting is accurate and incentives can be collected.

The team initially determines an institution’s project requirements. They then assess clinical activities to ensure organizations are collecting the right data. By establishing workflows and reports that are properly configured, the team insures that all systems are working properly and reporting results are valid.

The axiUm Meaningful Use Consulting Team will expertly guide organizations through the intricate process, from each stage to each year.


Project Management

Diagram 1 shows the Recommended Meaningful Use (Stage 1) Initiation and Configuration Scope tasks and activities. This “4 Phase Approach” outlines the recommended steps and actions an organization should take, if their application for Federal Medicaid incentives is to be successful. The expertise of axiUm’s Meaningful Use Consultants ensures that these phases are completed accurately and on-time.

Registration Application

Consultants will assist in streamlining the state registration process and the logistics involved with multiple provider registration. This process ensures correct workflows are in place, to allow the seamless management of new and existing providers that qualify for incentive payments.

Technology Implementation

axiUm consultants ensure that technology adoptions, implementations and upgrades of axiUm CE systems are as smooth as possible. They work with institutions to ensure that all installations are correctly in-place and that processes and workflows are properly implemented. This ensures that future upgrades of axiUm CE are smooth and error-free.

Information Collection

Data collection workflows vary from organization to organization. For example, Meaningful Use Stage 1 requires an organization’s Eligible Professionals to meet specific medical data collection objectives, in order to receive Medicaid Funding.

The axiUm Meaningful Use Consulting Team can guide organizations through the maze, to ensure that the necessary workflows and business processes are set up. They assist with the configuration of the software and collection of data before the reports are submitted, thus enabling organizations to properly collect the information required for optimal Meaningful Use reporting.

Audit Assistance

It’s inevitable. There will be occasions where Eligible Provider’s will be audited by governing bodies for the data they submit. Deadline audit dates are extremely important, if providers wish to remain in the program.

The axiUm Meaningful Use Consulting team is there to assist with the auditing process and provide the reports required, to ensure Eligible Providers have un-interrupted Medicaid Funding.

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