Most teachers don’t know about the technology available to them

November 4th, 2014

One of the best tools for students learning to practice dentistry is dental school software. A product like this enables people to learn through whatever technology works best for them. For example, they can study how to use software by working with the same appointment-booking tools they would use when they begin working professionally. Additionally, software lets students research at their own pace – they can study as much or as little as they want. Professors who don't take advantage of this tool are making a major mistake when it comes to helping someone learn about the oral care profession.

A recent study emphasizes this point. Campus Technology reported on work by Babson Survey Research Group, which found that two-thirds of professors aren't aware of the technology available to them. Of those who know about the tools that can be utilized for educating people, such as dental school software, only 79 percent use it in some capacity.

Open educational resources (OER) are open source tools for educating students. They don't cost any money, and can be used by anyone for any purpose. The content itself can also be modified to suit the individual professor or the class.

"While only about one-third of faculty members claim to be aware of open educational resources, nearly one-half report that they use OER," the report stated. "There are even some faculty who said that they were not at all aware of OER who report that they have used it once the concept is explained for them."

Colleges that want to take a grander approach to college software education may consider purchasing software instead of using what is freely available. Such items are likely better researched and more technologically advanced than the kind of software than can be found for free on the Internet. Dental school software ought to automatically update to the latest information whenever breaking news stories or research documents become available. Additionally, it should operate as a fully functional tool that can book appointments and run a dentist's office, allowing for training and hands-on work.

Dental software can help facilitate learning among advanced students
For students who are on a higher trajectory when it comes to learning things – such as the kind of student who came into college with multiple advanced placement credits – having something that constantly updates with new and important findings can be a great asset for intelligent minds.

As an example of two students who truly demonstrated excellent abilities in the field of oral hygiene, the Lake Land College students were awarded the Linda Lee Roberts Fletcher Memorial Scholarship, according to the Journal Gazette and Times-Courier. They were Skylee Taylor and Jill Flood.

"I'm pleased to be here this morning to award two very deserving young women this scholarship," said Lake Land College President Josh Bullock. "These students' interest and demonstrated skills in the program are an asset to the dental health field."

These students showed that learning can have its own rewards, and talent is often just another word for the power of hard work. By giving students an outlet for their ambition, they can soar to unprecedented heights.

Lateral thinking can be learned
As further evidence of the power of the properly trained mind to overcome obstacles when it has the right resources such as dental school software, creative thinking was recently highlighted as a method for solving "dental mysteries," RDH Magazine reported.

This means using your intuition, but remember that this special talent can only be honed through practice and having the right resources.

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