Networking a crucial part of a student’s education

August 8th, 2014

Oral hygiene students need to learn certain basic skills when it comes to the profession. One of these is the practice of oral care itself, but equally important is facility with dental hygiene academic software and other soft skills. Getting a job as one of the many hygienists in the country requires more than just the bare bones work of handing out a resume. New graduates need training and special education designed to help them land a job.

Learning how to network
Of course, one way that students can supplement their education is with their own research. Dentistry IQ recently posted information about networking that could help out many students learning the ropes for the first time. For example, they offer advice that many good career counselors would give: Networking to get a job is ultimately about building relationships that will last in the long term. Coming to networking events with a mindset like "what can I give to the conversation?" is better than "what can I get from taking time out of my schedule to go to these things?"

Thinking about the business like this, along with building skills in research, dental software and the practice of giving oral care will help graduates find the work they need.

New jobs available in Maine
The American Dental Hygienists Association has recently come forward to approve of a bill recently signed by Governor Paul LePage that will foster the growth of more dental hygiene therapists (DHTs) in Maine. These DHTS will work much like hygienists, except their role is more specialized, focusing on assessment cavity preparations and restorations, as well as extractions, crowns and other things. They are one more type of hygienist that will exist in Maine and provide care to those in need.

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