New dental certification spotlights value of dental hygiene academic software

April 30th, 2014

The need for dental services around the country not only underscores the value and importance of dental hygiene programs, but also dental hygiene academic software as well. In order to provide value and adequate patient care, students must be thoroughly trained on the use of software that not only readies them for clinical practice, but also business-related functions as well.

This is especially important for future dental students who live in Maine. The state has passed a new law that ensures residents have access to and receive adequate dental care.

According to local CBS affiliate WABI, the state is currently dealing with a severe shortage of dental practitioners. Data from DentistryiQ revealed that in the state's 16 counties, 15 don't have enough dentists. This disparity affects at least 180,000 people. Additionally, the website estimated that 16.1 percent of licensed dental professionals in Maine are expected to reduce the number of hours they work, 23 percent are planning to retire and while 40 percent are nearing retirement age.

To combat this trend, the state recently created a dental therapist certification. WABI reported that these individuals will be qualified to perform many of the same tasks as dentists, including teeth pulls and cavity fillings. Students can earn the therapist certification by completing an accredited dental program, including completion of the necessary clinical hours and the satisfactory passing of the certification exam.

Dental hygiene academic software would be a great tool to use for both current and future dental professionals looking to obtain the therapist certification. Not only will it ensure the delivery of services to dental patients who visit clinics for routine care, but it will also help those who have the certification better educate people on the importance of good dental hygiene as well. 

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