Oral care goes mobile with dental software

April 30th, 2014

Dental enterprise software is a good investment for oral health facilities that deal with unusual circumstances like mobile services. According to DentistryIQ, hygienists are hitting the road to deliver oral health care where it is needed.

In Washington and other states, dental hygienists are able to provide oral care to patients that have difficulty leaving their homes. Erin Pocuis began her own hygienist service when she discovered there was a need. Pocuis had visited her grandfather in the assisted living center where he resided and found he wasn't receiving the oral care he needed. When she dug deeper, she found this was frequently the case with homebound patients.

For oral health care providers that are mobile, dental enterprise software can make a huge difference in keeping files organized. Best of all, a cloud-based system enables oral care practitioners to access patient records with the use of mobile devices. Dental software can be a benefit for any practice, but when dentists are accommodating patients out of the office, a digital system can be especially helpful.

Dentists are taking to the streets in Chicago, too, Advocate Health Care reported. A service called the Dental Van brings dental care to underserved areas in the city, such as certain public schools, nursing homes and homeless shelters. In an interview with the news source, Dr. Harvey Widgor, who founded the program, said that emergency dental visits are on the rise across the country. However, these emergencies are generally preventable if patients are receiving proper care, Widgor added.

Dentists are increasingly discovering that oral care is integrally connected to overall health in many ways, yet it is often neglected, especially for those who have limited resources. For instance, Edward Grady, one of the Dental Van's patients, was unable to eat solid food for months because of his dental issues, causing him to lose a significant amount of weight.

Providing dental services on the go has enabled Grady and other patients to get the help they need and start on the road to better health.

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