Patients benefit from dental hygiene school lowering prices

May 15th, 2014

Dental hygiene academic software is useful for helping administrators increase enrollment and strengthen their programs. Not only can these applications be used to effectively manage a school's clinical practice, but it can also help streamline the school's curriculum, making for a much more well-rounded student experience and leaving them adequately prepared to practice dentistry upon completion of the program.

Patients can also reap the benefits of a hygiene school's use of technology. The Telegraph, a news publication located in Southern Illinois, recently reported on a local junior college's efforts to restructure its pricing and  make access to care more affordable for patients in the area.

"The faculty and staff at the clinic include licensed dentists and dental hygienists, and certified dental assistants. All treatment provided by students is closely evaluated by the faculty. The student to faculty ratio is extremely low, making an exceptional learning environment for students," Michelle Singley, dental hygiene coordinator at Lewis and Clark Community College told The Telegraph.

Dental hygiene academic software can help the school monitor any increases in the  number of patients seen. It can help students keep track of the procedures performed and how well they did.

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