Patients eager for health care providers to use mobile

July 10th, 2014

University dental clinics can benefit from using dental hygiene academic software paired with a smartphone or tablet. In addition to increased efficiency and improved patient care, these devices can increase patient loyalty.

A recent study from predictive analytics software firm FICO cited by eWeek revealed that 80 percent of patients surveyed said they would like to use a smartphone to communicate with their health care providers. Dental school software makes it possible to send patients information to their devices about prescriptions, follow-up appointments and post-procedural care. It also increases the likelihood that they will continue to visit the clinic for services.

"People are eager to have a dialog with their health care providers in ways that are convenient to them," Stuart Wells, chief product and technology officer at FICO, told eWeek. "The way health care organizations communicate with people is changing, as individuals become more and more sophisticated about using information technology to make health-related decisions."

Catalyst Healthcare Research's 2014 "What's Reasonable?" study uncovered similar sentiments from FICO's poll on patients who rely heavily on technology and have the same expectations of their health care providers.

Of the 433 respondents in the Catalyst Healthcare Research survey, 93 percent stated they would choose a clinician that communicated via email as opposed to one who didn't. Additionally, 36 percent stated they would like the option to view results of lab work online, and 44 percent wanted the option to view and pay a medical bill over the Internet.

Dental hygiene academic software with mobile integration offering these mobile device functions would be a wise investment for any university clinic program. If you would like to learn more about how to successfully integrate mobile technology into your university dental hygiene clinic, please be sure to sign up for our free webinar on July 10.

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