Personalized learning through dental school software

January 19th, 2015

The future of education lies within technologies that can accommodate a range of students. For example, much has been discussed recently about the value of personalization. This means students are given work that directly addresses their particular needs. Although it may seem difficult to imagine, many professors are now learning about ways to help individual students in the areas where they are lagging behind other students. They do this with tools like dental school software.

Personalizing one's education
Wired reported on the powerful changes that are happening in the education world because of technology. Students can review their coursework online using dental academic software, for example, to look for places where they are doing badly. Additionally, extra materials can be offered at the professor's discretion to help students with specific things, such as vocabulary or learning about various functions that happen in the body and the mouth. This is something that even the Department of Education has referenced in a recent definition of personalized learning.

"Personalization refers to instruction that is paced to learning needs, tailored to learning preferences, and tailored to the specific interests of different learners," it wrote, according to Wired. "In an environment that is fully personalized, the learning objectives and content as well as the method and pace may all vary."

Professors may shy away initially from something that is so heavily focused on everyone learning at a different pace, but it isn't so difficult to execute so long as the professor is committed. Many schools are also taking extra steps to teach professors how to use software, The Associated Press reported. Teachers at schools as small as a middle school in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, are getting help from people in the tech teams to learn how to grade tests and study student scores using the metrics available on programs like dental software.

Many professors are already proficient in these tools however. The question is really about using them to their full potential.

Personalization becoming universal
In Locust Grove, Georgia, students are becoming educated through personalized learning, according to the Henry Daily Herald. Six schools have introduced this method of education, and the students are learning better than ever. The way that personalized learning has been brought to these students is through academic software.

"We are now looking at education through a different lens," said Anthony Townsend, principal at Locust Grove Middle School, to the Daily Herald. "We leverage several different tools to accomplish that."

Students are getting used to having individualized help. This doesn't mean having their hands held – it means they are learning to move forward at the same pace as everyone else, with extra help should they find themselves stuck. In a personalized educational system, everyone finishes at the same time, and the exams taken are identical. But the paths taken to those exams and the place where people focus their attention differ depending on what students need the most help with.

Implementing a personalized approach
Teaching students through personalization requires that professors take the time to really look where their students are struggling. The metrics available in good dental and oral hygiene academic software make this part easy because professors can see how people did, along with information like the class average for certain test questions. If a student falls behind enough on certain areas, then the professor could give that student extra help. Contrariwise, if the professor believes it to be more appropriate if the students for help, than he or she would encourage this by giving the students contact info and letting them get in touch through email using the dental software.

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