By joining this program, your organization will gain the latest in axiUm technology before public release. As a result, your feedback will be influential the final feature set for public release.

Early Adopter Program Member Benefits


Gain early access to the latest in axiUm technology

Get the latest features from axiUm as soon as they are available. The Early Adopter program allows your organization to reap the benefits of updated technology earlier.

Be involved in the direction of axiUm at a critical stage

As an Early adopter, your feedback regarding pre-released axiUm features will be influential to the final outcome of the product. This allows your organization to be at the forefront on influencing how thousands of dental academics, enterprises and dental hygiene academics will proceed with using axiUm.

Receive dedicated, specialized and prioritized support

All feedback, suggestions and fixes regarding the latest technology will be in highest priority. This means tickets submitted by early adopter program members get special status and are prioritized differently. Additionally, members receive access to a dedicated team that is specifically tasked to address these tickets.

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