With axiUm, users have the capability to customize nearly every aspect of the system. Our knowledgeable training staff will assist with the task of identifying how to best tailor fit the system to meet each institution’s unique requirements.

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The axiUm Training Team works with clients both during and after implementation to assist them in successfully configuring and utilizing axiUm within the unique context of each dental institution. Depending on the organization’s preference, trainers are available for on-site sessions or via online conferencing to demonstrate proper workflow techniques and introduce new areas and processes.

Moreover, the axiUm Training Team can guide users through the creation of training materials such as How-To Guides, Manuals and Job Aids to ensure correct and unique instructions are available for the organization’s faculty, staff and providers. Our Training experts can also be contracted to create customized materials to enhance your institution’s Training Program.


Our experienced axiUm Consultants are experts in organizational workflows. They collaborate with clients to reduce steps, automate tasks and enhance both clinical and administrative efficiencies.

The Consulting Team can assist those prepared to seize new opportunities by taking a fresh look at existing systems and maximizing the full potential of the program to fit the unique needs of specialty departments within each institution.

Ensure your dental institution is running as efficiently as possible with the help of our knowledgeable Training and Consulting Team.

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