Real world ROI: Your dental hygiene school can’t afford not to look into this

August 29th, 2013

The right dental hygiene school software can turn competitive institutions into some of the leading forces in the academic field.

One of the defining characteristics of the dental education industry in recent years has been its steady increase in competition. In fact, industry news publication DentistryIQ, said many dental experts now believe there is currently a large surplus of hygienists in the U.S. A recent survey from RDH eVillage, which is part of the DentistryIQ network, found 79 percent of hygienists agree that a rapid expansion in the number of specialized schools across the country has led to increased competition in the job market.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel said many people are becoming interested in dental hygiene careers precisely because it is such a growing industry. Current economic conditions have forced many businesses to limit their hiring budgets. As a result, recent graduates are having a hard time finding work. There are other reasons why people are opting to seek careers in dental hygiene, as well. Not only does the profession offer flexible work schedules, the Sun-Sentinel said the pay is also highly competitive. Experienced employees can make as much as $35 an hour in some parts of Florida, according to the report.

As more dental hygiene schools pop up around the nation, managers of academic programs must find ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. For many institutions, dental software is a smart choice.

Customizable solutions for a variety of tasks
Improving hygiene school software systems increases the efficiency and flexibility of both the student and faculty experiences. For example, staff members can use software tools to customize grading procedures for different assignments and examinations. Additionally, students can develop a more robust education by gaining firsthand experience with advanced technology.

Entering the workforce with a competitive edge
In fact, a familiarity with electronic health records is becoming more essential in today’s medical industry. A January 2013 newsletter from the Consortium of Oral Health Research and Informatics, a group of dental professionals who use electronic health records, said the implementation of advanced software and technology in the academic field is essential in preparing students for an increasingly high-tech professional workforce. What better way for a hygiene school to set itself apart from competing organizations than by offering real-world tools that are expected to become even more prevalent in the coming years?

Premier dental software
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