Research beneficial to dental school students

October 23rd, 2014

Dental schools don't universally have a research requirement, but many of the best ones do. For example, Harvard requires its dental and oral hygiene students to give a presentation about a topic they have researched, according to Romesh Nalliah, who published a paper on the impact of research in the Journal of Dental Education. Such a research project might be daunting for students who otherwise wouldn't look into major university journals or other important dental literature, but Nalliah's study suggested that it makes a major difference on how dentists and hygienists follow through with their careers. His project shows that 54 percent of Harvard students who presented their projects also gave a presentation on the same research somewhere other than Harvard. Additionally, 81.5 percent of those who did a research project felt positively about it, while only 48 percent would have done a research project if it hadn't been expected of them.

Excellent dental school software, along with software intended for oral hygiene practitioners, can help prepare students for their projects by showing them research that has recently become available. The software opens a window into the subject matter in a user-friendly way.

Learning about the dental profession
Being able to approach the dental and oral hygiene professions before one has become fully invested in the role is beneficial because it allows people to sharpen their definition of what they want to do for a living. Those who do the research project with the help of dental school software and thoroughly enjoy it may end up as full-time professors who analyze data for a living. Others might find they enjoy the practical side of the field more.

One local high school found a way to get kids interested in dentistry when they might not have been otherwise, according to In Woodbridge, New Jersey, 15 students have been chosen to be sent to the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, where they will receive a practical overview of the dental profession, along with a sampling of what someone who attends dental school will learn.

The program is three days in total, and it takes 45 kids over the course of every year. Students will participate in clinical observations and learn how to make dental impressions from mannequins.

The project is a good way for talented students to learn whether dentistry is the right field of study for them. It will also prepare them if they apply for dental school in the future.

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