Schools can better monitor student performance with dental software

December 30th, 2013

Dental hygiene academic software will continue to be an important tool for universities as more Americans become interested in pursuing oral health careers.

The Great Recession led businesses in many industries to significantly limit their hiring initiatives for several years. However, students who study dental hygiene in school have fared much better than people who graduated with degrees in other fields. According to the online publication Business News Daily, dental hygienist is one of the 10 best jobs for 2014, based partly on its relatively short educational track and the growing demand for individuals with this particular kind of expertise. In fact, the website said the connection between quality oral health and overall health is more apparent than ever before. As a result, demand for dental hygiene services is expected to increase by 38 percent in the next year.

Facing the challenges of dental school enrollment growth
Academic institutions can invest in dental hygiene school software to prepare for what will likely be a sharp increase in enrollment in the future. Many people are interested in pursuing careers that offer better job security, more flexible hours and relatively high pay. The more students universities receive, the harder it can be to properly keep track of program activity. As these organizations grow, administrators can benefit from utilizing advanced management technology to ensure each individual student receives a high-quality education.

Proper evaluation is one of the most challenging aspects of operating an academic institution of any size. A recent article published in the Journal of Dental Education highlighted the need for a more comprehensive results-reporting system for industry benchmarks such as the National Board Dental Examination, which all students must take before getting a job in dentistry. Traditionally, the exam has been pass/fail, which many industry experts argue leads to a lack of valuable data to determine competency.

Dental hygiene school software can make it easier for institutions to monitor student performance in more comprehensive ways. For example, administrators can easily update course curricula to match the most recent industry trends. Similarly, a more organized software system allows faculty to measure classroom progress against specific graduation requirements. This way, not only will educators take greater responsibility for the academic experience, but students will also have a better chance at graduating on time. They may ultimately be more prepared for a professional career, as well. 

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