Stanford offers class in online learning

January 9th, 2015

The digital age is revolutionizing the way students are learning. One way that it's changing things is by putting more content online. In the future, it's possible that most of the data students need to study will be digitized and put into Internet databases for access anywhere from the cloud. Much of this is being done already with tools like dental and oral hygiene academic software. Such technology lets students access their old exams, their homework, notes and all the study materials the professor puts up during a course period. They can access this information from their laptops as well as smartphones and tablet computers. Because of the ease of access, students can learn more efficiently, studying smarter instead of harder.

Stanford is using digital software
Colleges as highly regarded as Stanford are offering programs similar to courses with embedded dental academic software, Campus Technology reported. One such class combines literature with social learning. Students work together to study the humanities in a new and exciting way. Unlike what many might have expected, the digital medium does not reduce a student's ability to understand complex material such as literature or dental information. Instead, it has been found by Stanford that learning digitally actually helps students focus because they can work together online and find collective solutions to various problems.

Some of the solutions include e-books and different tools for comparing translations with the same books written in their original language.

Imagine what can be done for dental students who have the same tools. They could use the technology to do deep study sessions, memorizing vocabulary words through online flashcards and reviewing old homework when they have downtime. During such periods, they can pull out their phone and continue reading something about dentistry that fascinates them. Oral hygienists can use the technology to research the areas of the mouth and learn specific terminology.

Online tools are as useful as Sesame Street was for teaching elementary students
Even students in elementary school are learning through digital mediums. If these students with limited attention spans can pick up a digital copy of a book and read through it, touching words they don't know to instantly get a definition read back to them, then think of the utility that a dental student would find with the same tools.

Ultimately dental academic software is as revolutionary as Sesame Street was for kids. When the television series came out,  according to MPR News, it was denigrated as something that would only keep kids watching TV instead of learning. But now, kids are picking up Sesame Street in a new way. The same success that Sesame Street had in educating children is being applied to the Internet age.

The reason for digital learning's success
Students are all using digital tools, whether they are highly educated Stanford students or elementary school kids. The products work effectively across generations. One of the reasons they work so well is they offer so much personalization. Wired spoke to the growing concern about people not getting enough of what they need from a one-size-fits-all education. Instead, students are using tools like dental academic software in order to get a more personal message tailored to them. Dental school software lets professors work with their students hand-in-hand, so both parties can look for tricky points and focus on those problem areas in order to become better at them. In the past, there were so many students in a college classroom that it could have been difficult for a professor to actually reach out to students with personalized care. However, with digital tools, students are connecting with each other as well as with the professor. And this is better for everyone.

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