Start EHR training in the academic environment with dental school software

March 11th, 2014

The benefits of dental school software will help administrators of oral health academic programs ease the transition to electronic health records technology. Universities have a unique need to train students how to use the most advanced industry tools before they enter the professional workforce. As U.S. health care providers seek to reduce operational costs and improve the overall quality of care, clinics around the nation have made steps to move away from relying on paper files to more flexible EHR systems.

Still, some institutions have been slower than others to embrace this change. According to the online publication EHR Intelligence, a recent report from the Colorado Health Institute revealed that many state residents who live in rural areas are having a hard time finding physicians and other health care experts with the resources available to adapt to new procedures mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

A separate article in The Denver Post highlighted the fact that the rapid growth of medical technology has not only increased competition among clinics, but it has also created a shortage of providers that are fluent and well-versed in using EHRs.

EHR-integrated software a valuable solution for schools
Dental universities have the opportunity to eliminate these issues on a nationwide basis by focusing on efforts to prepare students to succeed in the workforce as early as possible. Investing in dental academic software makes it easier for these institutions to integrate EHR technology into daily operations. Whether through grading exams, compiling research or providing oral health care in community clinics, developing a routine in which both students and professors use EHRs on a daily basis will eventually create a more highly skilled workforce in the long run.

Gary Guest, an associate dean for patient care at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, suggested in an interview published on the Dental Informatics blog that universities can benefit from weaving EHRs into the fabric of their academic programs. This way, participating in both classroom and clinical activities depends on a full understanding of new medical technology. Students who graduate from these schools will be more prepared for the challenges facing oral health care providers. They may also have an easier time finding work in a competitive industry.

Academic institutions often pride themselves on being the first to embrace new technological developments. With dental school software, administrators can lead by example and integrate EHRs into daily operations, just as many private practice clinics are doing across the nation.

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