Steps for a successful EHR implementation

January 21st, 2014

Universities that offer oral hygiene programs no longer have to stand back and watch as private practices and other clinics take full advantage of recent developments in technology. In fact, software for dental hygiene schools provides administrators, professors and students with a simple solution for keeping their operations up to speed with the latest industry trends.

Introducing enterprise management software into the academic environment spreads the benefits of electronic health records evenly across all levels of operation. For example, educators can use this technology to more efficiently grade exams and other activities. Similarly, students who put in hours at the university-run clinic can gain hands-on experience with many of the same tools they are likely to find once they graduate and enter the workforce.

The flexibility of dental academic software will allow universities to reduce their overhead costs while providing a higher-quality experience in both the classroom and the clinic. However, before these institutions fully implement EHR tools into their operations, administrators must consider the following steps:

Communicate the long-term vision across the organization
Adding new tools to a university's arsenal is only effective if all stakeholders are fully aware of the change. Theodore Schumann, the CEO of DBS Companies, wrote on the industry publishing network DentistryIQ that managers must not only develop goals for an EHR system, but they should also make sure everyone at the organization is on board with the plans, as well. He said simply talking about these issues leads to more productive results.

Anticipate any transitional challenges
The switch to EHRs may not always be a seamless process. As a result, the online publication MedCity News said institutions must be fully prepared for the transition before it takes place to minimize the learning curve. Tools such as axiUm dental hygiene school software are uniquely designed to be integrated directly into any organization's previously existing framework, making it even easier to experience the immediate benefits of such technology.

Set realistic goals
Finally, HealthcareITNews suggested any entity seeking to implement EHRs into its practices must have a system for charting performance and measuring returns on investment. This step will ultimately allow all stakeholders to experience firsthand the impacts of these new tools. Realistic goals will also avoid disappointment or any misunderstanding of the technology's benefits. In the academic environment, EHRs will boost both the classroom experience and the quality of care patients receive in the clinic. 

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