Students learn better with dental software

November 7th, 2014

Students can learn more effectively when they have dental academic software backing them up. With the ability to do research on one's own, a person is not limited to learning in the classroom only. Additionally, professors can instruct students to look up newly published papers and articles – whether with smartphones, laptop computers or tablets. There is always some way to add technology to a classroom to help students learn better.

An additional benefit is when dental enterprise software is used for dental school clinics. When patients get the same professional service they would expect from a professional practice, they will stay longer. According to a study by Suzanne C. Makarem, dental schools retain and get new patients by providing superior service. A great way to guarantee excellent service is by training workers using dental software that simulates the kind of technology that dentists and oral hygienists use in actual practice. This will facilitate the learning process and provide students with the top quality software they would need to give good service to the people coming into the dental school clinic.

Revamping education
Campus Technology reported the University of Nebraska at Lincoln is completely changing its STEM classes to rely upon advanced technology to help students learn better. The campaign is called ARISE and is based on the latest research for student-learning approaches. The goal is to begin educating professors so they know exactly what tools are available to them for teaching students. Additionally, the classes will feature a more experimental approach to teaching and feature mentoring programs. It is essentially focusing on developing the professors – with the idea that information will trickle down to the students when the teachers begin educating differently.

Many professors don't know about the technology available to them, and those who don't know about it are at a major disadvantage when it comes to teaching students.

Technology improves the way people learn
Some of the benefits of using software in the classroom include the fact that students are becoming more used to technology than they are to researching through traditional library materials, according to MemeBurn. It also lets students learn at their own pace, so some people can move quickly through materials while others can take their time to understand something more fully. For those who have difficulties with certain teaching styles, educational technology evens the playing field.

Another good point is that it expands the size of the curriculum to any breadth and depth the teacher could want.  Ultimately, the benefits of technology are such that the students themselves are looking for colleges that offer these programs.  If a school doesn't provide students with technology that enhances the educational experience, it could face diminishing admissions over time. As time periods change, colleges must learn to adapt. Technology is becoming so advanced so quickly that jumping on the bandwagon now is the best possible choice for a school that doesn't know what's going to be high tech five or 10 years from now.

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