There are many reasons to use dental software

January 17th, 2014

Universities have a multitude of reasons to implement dental software into their operations. In order to continue receiving federal incentive payments from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, oral health clinics will need to keep up with new technology. With the Systemized Nomenclature of Dentistry codes still in the process of being finalized, it is important to have a flexible system that can accommodate these changes. Since use of SNODENT codes could impact an organization's ability to receive federal incentive payments, dental school administrators should begin thinking about ways to implement paperless solutions. The vocabulary will make use of codes more uniform, allowing dentists to more effectively monitor and collect oral health information, according to the American Dental Association.

Not all practices qualify for incentive payments. However, there are still many reasons why offices should consider switching to electronic management systems. The main benefit of dental enterprise software is its accuracy, said Mary Govoni for RDH Magazine. These systems eliminate the need to write down notes by hand, decreasing the possibility of errors. Users can simply open the software and click on information to add it to the patient file.

Another good thing about electronic records is their enhanced security. Backing up or storing data in the cloud ensures that it will not be easily lost. Natural disasters may cause flooding, which can quickly destroy paper-based systems. In addition, paper records can easily get lost for other reasons. Storing documents online ensures they will be there when needed. They can also be accessed remotely if necessary. 

Govoni recommended  that all team members be included in the decision to implement dental software. Since everyone in the office will be affected by the change, it will be important to gain insight into different areas. All staff should be engaged in the initiative from the beginning. This will make the transition easier when it actually occurs.

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