Two months to keep in mind for dental care

October 3rd, 2014

Dental hygienists and those training in the profession should take note of September and October. This month, The American Dental Hygienists' Association and the Wrigley Company are partnering up to raise public awareness about oral health.

Good teeth begin with a good cleaning and regular dental habits. These can be taught by trained oral care professionals. Such people deserve the best training available, and that starts with the proper dental school software. Having the best software at a dental school means practitioners can train with the latest tools in order to become fully adept at using the kind of software that is found within real dental clinics. Additionally, the software links up with the latest information about oral hygiene, so people can read new reports about important oral health developments and discoveries.

Those who want to teach kids about cleaning their teeth can send in for a free kit that features sugar-free gum, which enhances saliva production, washing away bacteria before they have the chance to form plaque. For information about cleaning teeth with a brush and dental floss, patients can be directed to the ADHA's own resource site about this.

How September fits into the plan for improving kids' dental hygiene
September was Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, as well as the month when most kids go back to school. It's also a time for remembering to use fluoride on pediatric patients. According to Dentistry IQ, the American Academy of Pediatrics continues to recommend this practice as a supplement to regular cleanings and twice-daily brushings.

A new form of fluoride, called nanosilver fluoride (NSF), is being studied. This is a substance that would be applied once a year and arrest cavities in young children. It works particularly well in children who are growing up in poor communities.

Tooth brushing continues to be a source for disagreement among dental professionals. There are about six different ways to brush ones teeth, depending on the angle of the brush and the brushing motions used to wipe away plaque.

A new candy has also been invented that prevents tooth decay. It contains xylitol, which denies oral bacterial the sucrose they need to survive in the mouth. The candy is a prescription-strength xylitol medication.

People seeking to find out the newest developments in dental resource and oral care can use their dental hygiene academic software to look up information about various discoveries and papers, allowing students and practitioners alike to keep up with the latest information.

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