Two remarkable dental hygienists

September 2nd, 2014

Dental hygienists learn a lot in school. In order to succeed, they need hygiene academic software, as well as access to skilled teachers. Most hygienists will enter a clinic, and then begin the work that will become their lifetime career. But for some oral care professionals, working at the clinic is just the beginning.

Here are two examples of truly extraordinary oral hygienists, taken from recent Dentistry IQ profiles:

Moving from oral care to making toothpaste
One woman, Lisa Marie Kao, began her career practicing dental hygiene in New York City. Her clients were among the wealthiest to be found, and they spent a fortune to have beautiful, shiny teeth. They asked her what kind of dental products they should buy to ensure their dental work would stay in the best condition possible. While some hygienists would be comfortable just making a few suggestions, Kao actually decided to make her own toothpaste.

Her brand, Diamynt, is specially formulated to be good for porcelain and bonding. And her clients love it.

Helping people, one smile at a time
Another dental hygienist, Joni Green, became upset by all the patients she encountered who couldn't afford dental care. One woman was raising two children and bringing them through college. After an unfortunate skiing accident that broke every bone in her face, she began seeing a dentist to restore her teeth to their original appearance. Because the damage was so extensive, the only way to save her smile would have been to remove all of her teeth and replace them with upper and lower dentures. These would have cost over $8,000, but Green took it upon herself to begin seeking help for the woman in the form of donations through an organization she founded called Helping Someone Smile. Through the help of the woman's doctor, who donated her time, the woman only had to pay $1,600 to have her teeth replaced. Additionally, because of the organization, her payments would be low monthly ones.

Becoming a hygienist means working with dental software and cleaning teeth, but this can sometimes be the beginning of a much bigger career in the dental industry. The above stories are just two examples of what oral hygienists can do.

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